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On Road 71 (Afula – Beit She’an) turn north at Isa’har Junc.
Follow the signs up the hill to Kibbutz Ein Harod Ihud. Upon entering the kibbutz, follow the signs to the kibbutz guest houses.

At Kibbutz Ein Harod Ihud a very unique and special hospitality experience awaits you. The holiday site is designed on the highest level and placed on the top of a hill that is covered with greenery, with a quiet country atmosphere. You can choose between three types of rooms: wooden cabins, luxury suites that are appointed with the finest accessories, and the kibbutz-style rooms. The flourishing area has the Harod Valley springs and Mount Gilboa, allowing you to combine trips at the kibbutz, in the area and to the holy sites and attractions in all of the North of Israel. Additionally, a variety of activities are available in the area, such as hot-air ballooning, rappelling, hang-gliding from Mount Gilboa and much, much more…
Ein Harod – near the North, but touching the center !!!